The benefits of having a good attitude are getting things done, wanting to make friends, and being helpful. I think getting things done is one because you wont be a slacker and think about the negative you will lose energy and will move slow.

I think you would want to make friends because you are in such a good mood you want to be nice and positive. I think you will be a helper because you have the positive attitude to help out and do good.

Remember to always be positive and make the right decisions to stay positive with a good attitude.

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Taking Responsibility of Your Thoughts

It is important to take responsibility of your thoughts because your thoughts are what make you a leader. Negative thoughts will bring you down while positive thoughts will lift you up. If you have automatic thoughts than make sure the thoughts are positive because their is a bright side of everything.

It is important to control your thoughts by reframing to be positive. Always find a positive side of whatever it is. Negativity will bring you down so reframe to stay positive.

Always stay emotionally healthy. If you are not emotionally healthy than you could go into panic or not be a leader anymore. Are you taking responsibility of your thoughts?

An important lesson I have learned

An important lesson I have learned is to always be calm. This is a very important lesson because I can mess up a lot easier if I cant stay calm.

When I am doing school work and I get stuck on a question I get mad and then I get the answer wrong because I don’t think it through and it doesn’t turn out well.


Closing the gap

It is important to close the gap so you wont be seen as two different people. Closing the gap is making your private life and public life the same. If you are with your family at home and be quiet and negative, then you are loud and positive in public than you need to close the gap.

How I want people to see me

I want people to see me as smart, cool, nice, kind, entertaining, loving, athletic, fun to be around, and funny. The reason I want people to see me this way is because this is how I would want to be seen but people see me in different ways. I also want to be seen as respectful to others. It will be hard to be seen this way if I am not seen this way.

The reason I want to be seen as entertaining is because nothing will be boring because I could talk about fun things like sports. I want to be seen as athletic so when I am playing a sport people will see me as good at that sport. I want to be seen as smart so people won’t see me as dumb and a person who doesn’t care about learning.

My Personal Brand

My personal brand is I like hunting, fishing, baseball, and football. What I think makes me unique is I try to make people laugh and smile.Why I think this makes me unique is because a lot of people can be always serious and don’t smile.WordItOut-word-cloud-1396377

Funnest thing on Christmas break

The funnest thing on Christmas break was when me and my brothers went to my cousins barn dance. I danced some then me my brothers and my cousin Justin all went and did our own thing. Before it was over we watched fire works but they flipped over it looked like it was pointing at the barn and I was sitting on the when it shot towards me, my cousin, my brothers, and my cousins friend. I jumped behind the tractor and everybody else ran except for my brother Jeffery he stayed on the tractor but luckily didn’t get hit. We were all surprised that it fell.



Soul-surfer helped me understand the importance of the i possess skills by knowing to keep trying. She used her skills of being social to know people are watching so keep trying to be a good example. I can apply this in my life if I do something wrong.


Nature is a great thing because it is very peaceful and relaxing. I like to play around in the woods and hunt and fish. I enjoy walking around on trails, and maybe riding my bike too.